Top 10 Best PR Campaigns of 2022

I think it’s becoming more and more difficult to have your brand acknowledged instead of simply visible. Digital technologies and global talent availability are decreasing the entrance barrier for new brands. As many as 10,000 ad impressions a day overwhelm consumers with advertising messages, which causes overstimulation and a lack of desire to remember information. But for firms that want to stand out from the competition and be remembered, a successful PR campaign may be a game-changer.
A PR effort, in contrast to conventional advertising or marketing, aims to simply get people talking. It’s a method to draw attention to your company, get some news, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.
What exactly is a PR campaign? Let’s examine some details as well as some of the most effective PR campaign examples from the year 2022.

What is a PR Campaign?

A PR campaign is a collection of organized actions intended to promote a business or brand. The majority of PR initiatives have clear commercial objectives, such as increasing website traffic, spreading awareness of a new product, or raising awareness of a cause. Activities are completed within a time limit that is pertinent to the overall objective.
A solid communication plan is essential to every PR effort. Create the appropriate message for the people you want to reach. Pick the appropriate platforms for your message. Identify any potential listeners (e.g., your competitors). Your brand may begin to establish a favorable relationship with the public by using communication as its cornerstone.

Why should PR campaigns be part of your marketing strategy?

Consumers may find your public relations approach refreshing in a world dominated by sales messages and calls to action. In PR campaigns, the public is not being requested to provide anything in return by the brand. It offers the audience the opportunity to learn more about the company without being under any obligation to buy.
Customers might let down their guard and become more open to your business by removing this pressure. A clever marketing strategy gets past their internal “ad blockers.” Campaigns are about your brand identification as much as the goods or services you provide.
Brands may increase their trust with their audiences and forge better media relations as a consequence of a successful PR strategy.

How Do PR Campaigns work?

Every PR plan starts with a target. You could wish to draw attention to a rebranding effort or a new product. Or maybe you wish to improve your brand’s reputation after getting some unfavorable press. Whatever your objective, choose one at the outset of your PR campaign and work backward to determine the best strategy for conveying your message.
Some public relations efforts consist just of a well-written news release that is disseminated through major media outlets. The press release may be picked up by news media sites, blogs, and other publications and shared on their channels. The same news release may be sent via your platforms as well, including a website, blog, email list, and social media.
You might even decide to start a social PR campaign exclusively. To assist you to spread the word, social media PR focuses on your social audiences and uses likes, shares, and comments. To broaden the reach of your PR strategy, you may also buy advertisements.
However, some campaigns go over and above with their exposure. For instance, during Red Bull’s New Moon event, stuntmen in wingsuits with fireworks descended from the sky, giving the impression that UFOs were touching down on Earth. Sky Arts celebrated its milestone of becoming a free-to-air television channel in the UK with a nude art display.
No matter whether it’s a live publicity stunt or a written news release, the goal of a PR campaign is always the same: to purposefully draw attention to a business (and ideally receive some sort of response).

The best PR campaigns from 2022

Are you ready to start your own PR campaign? Take a look at some of the most effective PR campaigns of 2021–2022.

1. The Ukraine Campaign on Airbnb

Ukraine has been beset by conflict, instability, and a great deal of uncertainty throughout most of 2022. Numerous millions of individuals have lost their jobs. Many companies have stepped forward to help refugees and those who have left behind to support and protect the nation since the end of the conflict is still far off. is one marketing initiative that sticks out. The short-term rental business moved quickly to arrange accommodation for up to 100,000 refugees by collaborating with local, national, and international organizations and governments. The business has been organizing initiatives to provide free shelter and security. Through, more than 28,000 individuals have signed up to rent out their spare rooms to others, and the company’s founders have promised to match contributions up to $10 million.
Additionally, individuals started making reservations at hotels in Ukraine as a means to assist hosts throughout the fighting (mostly due to user-generated social media PR). This campaign got its start as a method to provide people whose travel firms had been affected with urgent aid.

2.Penguin Random House’s Unburnable Book

Publisher Penguin Random House released an unburnable edition of Margaret Atwood’s famed dystopian book The Handmaid’s Tale in reaction to schools banning and burning books. The book is only one of several publications that have often been the subject of book bans. It is protected against censorship with a black cinefoil cover, white heat shield foil pages, nickel wire binding, stainless steel bands, and high-temperature adhesives. The book was offered for sale by Sotheby’s, with the guarantee that PEN America would receive the money to continue defending free expression.

7. Mars: removing Bounty from Celebrations

As travel is once again a top priority for millions of visitors, Iceland is leveraging people’s wanderlust and enticing them to take time off. In terms of tourist PR, the Out-Horse Your Email campaign is a definite winner. The nation’s tourist board constructed a massive functional keyboard that was large enough to fit a horse and trained the animals to walk on it. As on vacation in Iceland, visitors may sit back and relax while the horses handle their emails. The purpose is to demonstrate that nothing is more important than taking some time to unplug and enjoy a well-earned vacation abroad.

7. Mars: removing Bounty from Celebrations

A huge box of chocolates from a range of brands may be the item that best represents Christmas in the UK. Nobody understands why it’s only a custom, but everyone is aware that in Britain, traditions shouldn’t be messed with. Because of this, Twitter went crazy when Mars recently announced that they will be eliminating one of the little chocolates (a coconut treat named “Bounty”) from their Celebrations box. Celebrities and newsreaders expressed their displeasure to their millions of followers, talented Twitter users created memes, and the scandal even made an appearance in a piece on This Morning, a well-known TV news show.

The story’s actual brilliance is that Mars isn’t even getting rid of Bounty bars. They’re instead momentarily removing them from a restricted number of boxes that will only be offered at Tesco stores. Prior to the busiest shopping season, only one Tweet and a simple press release were sufficient to get widespread media attention and increase sales.

4. IKEA’s Seed Ball Campaign

With the introduction of the IKEA Seed Ball, or at least the instructions on how to make one, IKEA offered a whimsical spin on its well-known Swedish meatballs.
A tasty, wholesome food for bugs called The Seed Ball was developed in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund. IKEA lovers may create their own seed balls to feed the insect population by using basic materials like clay, earth, and wildflower seeds.

5. LEGO’s MRI PR Campaign

Since LEGO has always emphasised fun and childhood development, it is not surprising that its public relations plan contains a few elements geared for younger audiences. Recently, the business gave out 600 LEGO magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner construction kits to aid kids in overcoming their anxiety about obtaining an MRI. LEGO and hospitals may help kids gain confidence while learning and having fun in a stressful atmosphere via play, role-playing, and interactive construction.

Coinbase Super Bowl QR Code

A brand is being brave by gently promoting itself on such a significant national platform as the Super Bowl. But for cryptocurrency business Coinbase, the prank was a huge success. A QR code in colour floating in the air on a blank screen was shown for about $14 million by the corporation. The link to get free Bitcoin worth $15 was sent to curious people who scanned the code.
The advertisement was so well-received that the internet traffic it generated crashed the business’s app. After it aired, it received more than 20 million hits.

ITV’s Second-Hand Wardrobe Campaign

While many TV celebrities have high-end clothes from luxury companies, ITV chose a different strategy for its most recent season of Love Island. In an attempt to promote sustainable fashion, the channel and eBay recently announced that the candidates on the program will wear used clothing.
This PR campaign promotes purchasing secondhand, even if you’re a celebrity since the fashion industry is often criticized for its wasteful tactics.

Dove #TheSelfieTalk Campaign

In order to engage your audience and get a reaction, PR and social media work hand in hand. Engaging your audience in a communication campaign produces user-generated material that inevitably increases the effectiveness of your campaign.
Dove, a pioneer in body acceptance for women, upholds its brand with its most recent social PR initiative, #TheSelfieTalk. The initiative, which targets young girls and women, is a tiny part of the wider #NoDigitalDistortion movement, which aims to promote body image.
The company’s promotion includes two digital download kits: one for instructors and one for parents. Each package has discussion topics for teaching young people about selfies, embracing uniqueness, and body acceptance.

Gymshark’s Mental Weight Campaign

Gymshark, a supporter of both physical and mental health, ran a communication campaign to highlight the stigma that surrounds mental illness. The company reminded us all that the burdens we carry in our heads may often be as big as the weights we lift at the gym in a sequence of weightlifting photographs that were released on social media.

CPB London’s International Women’s Day Campaign

Common themes in PR campaign examples include addressing gender wage discrepancies and fostering inclusiveness. With a recent poster campaign, one creative firm aimed to highlight gender prejudices that many people possess but don’t necessarily realise. In order to understand how youngsters see men and women in the world, the team looked at prevalent gender prejudices. The business later translated those revelations into vibrant posters that were exhibited all around London. During a crucial period, International Women’s Day, the firm raised awareness of gender inequalities by assisting in the discovery of unconscious prejudices.

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